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Asus RT-AC56U

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Wie wir so eben erfahren haben ist dieser Router ein Ausläufermodell. Dieser ist derzeit schon schwer zu bekommen und der Preis geht langsam in Richtung Asus AC66U.

Daher werden wir diesen Router ab sofort nicht mehr anbieten.

Supporten werden wir diesen Router aber nach wie vor.

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ASUS RT-AC56U Firmware version

Security fixed
-Fixed password stored in plain text (CVE-2017-15656)
Special thanks for Blazej Adamczyk contribution. 
-Fixed web GUI authorization vulnerabilities.
-Fixed Smart Sync Stored XSS vulnerabilities. Thanks fo Guy Arazi's contribution.
-Fixed CVE-2018-5721 Stack-based buffer overflow.
-Fixed XSS vulnerability. Thanks to Yonghui Han of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs.
-Fixed CVE-2018-8877, CVE-2018-8878, CVE-2018-8879
-Fixed plain text password vulnerability in lighthttpd
-Fixed information disclosure vulnerability. Thanks to Haitan Xiang and Fand Wang.
-Fixed CVE-2018-8826 remote code execution vulnerability. Thanks to Chris Wood.
- Improved system stability.
- Modified Quick Internet Setup wizard process.
- Main SSID and guest network can hide independently. 
- Modified the EULA for DDNS.
- Added Privacy page in Advanced settings
- Fixed IPv6 bugs
- Modified USB 3.0 related strings.
- Added more protection mechanism for OpenVPN account.

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